About Us

We are blending the Cretan philosophy with Hospitality.

We’re a blend of the homeliness of ancient neo-classical Greece with modern hospitality and trends.
With sparkling marble walls, spacious apartments, expansive balconies with city views, and concierge services, our apartments are built to offer all the enticements of home. They provide a unique experience for every guest with all the amenities you need for a comfortable stay in one place.


Family. Home. Hospitality. These are the philosophies that have resonated with us over the years- our identity. We come from Crete, the alluring island of southern Greece with diverse sceneries and beautiful beaches. We’re known there for strong Family values, upright virtues, hospitality, loyalty, and pride. We choose Elia (Olive), because Crete is well known for its vast quantities of Olive oil production, and is a healthy Mediterranean diet. As you can see, our roots greatly matter to us.

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In essence, we’re a family business, where every structure here is hand-crafted with skills honed over decades and passed down through generations. Family means the world to us.
In the years of providing comfort to guests from all over the world, we have extended this family philosophy to them. In Elia Didotou, you’re not just a guest, you become our family. As a result, we spare no effort in ensuring your comfort, make certain you feel entirely at home, and provide you with every amenity necessary to make your stay here a wonderful one.
In the end, family is everything.
So, we bid you a warm welcome to our peaceful world. Together, we’ll help create unforgettable memories. We and hundreds of other guests have come to love the city views and the cozy home feel of our apartments, and we know you will too.

property story

The property was first built in 1948 and completed in 1960. We have recently completed a holistic overhaul and renovation of the buildings to give them a more modern look and urban feel. However, we maintained the neoclassical style of the building, and this excellent blend of the classical old with modern architecture gives an aesthetically delightful, grand edifice.
The building is made up of immersive marble details, and fancy artworks that sum up to give a cozy and warm ambiance. All furniture present is handcrafted, beds are standard, and kitchens are exquisitely laid out to create a simple and harmonious style.
The property has also become automated and well secured, with passcode-required check-in/check-out systems, and Free Wi-Fi obtainable all around the property.
In all, this is a property you wouldn’t want to leave in a hurry!

Our Location

Make your way through the magnificent city of Athens to our modern apartments sitting pretty in the stately neighborhood of Kolonaki.
Our suites reflect the style and energy of the city, and is surrounded by legendary museums, trendy restaurants, cafes, and chic boutiques. You can't run out of fun things to do here!

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