If you’ve ever wondered why Athens is widely regarded as the home of western civilization, you must witness this magnificent city firsthand. Athens is a city steeped in history, with breathtaking structures and beautiful sceneries; a city that’s quite responsive to its environment, combining ancient and modern architecture in a way that is certain to leave you awed.

When you’re In Athens, it feels like a door to the past is open, where you can peek into history through numerous temples and museums. The Acropolis, a UNESCO World Heritage site, is a perfect example of this. Ancient Greek architecture is visible in all its glory, with soaring colonnades and sculptures of gods and heroes.

The Parthenon is probably one of the city's most famous buildings and was one of the most important temples in ancient Greece. However, Athens is not only about the mighty edifices. In a town surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea, there’s no short supply of cultural vibes, homely locals, and lovely cuisines made up of exotic dishes you won’t find anywhere else. There’s also the cool weather with fresh summer breezes and cold winds, the beautiful natural parks, and the ever-blossoming trees and flowers reflecting this vibrant town's energy.

Athens is one of the most beautiful cities in the world at night, a city always bustling with life in the most inspiring of ways. When you’re here, strolling along neatly laid tarmacs in front of sprawling temples, you feel like a god. Experience life in this ancient city that never sleeps.


The best national park for wildlife and wilderness in Greece

Visiting one of Greece's national parks means seeing Greece in the wildest and most dramatic places. The country's first park, Mount Olympus, was founded in 1938 and now has 10 national parks and 2 marine parks in Greece, set up to protect its wildlife.

Best parks in Athens

Athens is not the city of all open-space parks surrounding ancient ruins. Per capita, green space is probably the lowest in Europe. However, there are several places to walk in the shade and run around in the sunny Greek capital. As a boon to visitors, some of the best attractions are in the city center and its attractions.

Top 13 attractions you can't miss

The vast Athens, the birthplace of modern Western civilization, has enough neoclassical buildings to keep you busy for a week. But beyond the Parthenon, discover more youthful aspects of the city, including new art galleries, cozy cafe culture, and outdoor cinemas.

Athens today offers more than ancient relics and quick routes to the Greek islands but still does not go beyond them from the to-do list. Instead, these are the best experiences in Athens.

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